Recipe Roundup: Citrus Salad, Two Ways

citrus salads, 2 waysI know what you’re thinking: “Doesn’t Andrea know it’s Super Bowl weekend? Where are the game time snacks? Why the citrus salads? This is a weekend to indulge.” I may be the least interested person in the Super Bowl, but I promise you, these two citrus salads are perfect for game day. I can bet that after an afternoon of hot wings, cheese dip and beer, you’ll be craving something light and refreshing, and these salads will fit the bill. And who knows? They’re so colorful and pretty you just might find yourself pulling these salads out for your game day guests. The recipes come from two of my favorite food blogs, Green Kitchen Stories and Not Without Salt. Click on over to their beautiful sites for the recipes.

grapefruit salad
citrus saladP.S. There’s another reason I thought today was a good grapefruit day–it’s my dear friend Laura’s birthday! This girl loves her citrus and says morning isn’t morning without citrus. Happy Birthday, Friend!

One Thought on “Recipe Roundup: Citrus Salad, Two Ways

  1. Love these – perfect for winter! Great flavors, yum! :)

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