A Slice of Now


And now for something a little different: a fun questionnaire from Erica’s blog. :)

Right now I’m:

listening… to the Feist station on Pandora. Have you seen Pandora come through the TV? It’s so convenient!

watchingDownton Abbey, the current BBC Masterpiece Theater series, playing on Sunday nights at 9PM PST. Complex characterization, gripping storyline and lovely costumes.

readingChicago Manual of Style and Guide to Copyediting by Amy Einsohn. Riveting, huh? They’re for a class I’m taking (but don’t tell anyone I like reading them too). My fun reading right now consists of blogs!

eating… a smoothie of frozen bananas, frozen mixed berries, yogurt and milk. Mixed with my immersion blender, of course!

drinkingYorkshire brand black tea with milk. I love a strong black tea, and Yorkshire delivers.

wearing… jeans and a long-sleeved tee.

hoping… these clouds bring some rain. I’m ready to hit the slopes again!

feeling… a little sleepy…it’s mid-afternoon and I’m sitting right next to our space heater—not the best combo for fighting the afternoon drowse.

wanting…. a pair of Hafflinger slippers. Anyone have preferences for a hard sole or soft sole?

needing… to learn how to take better care of my plants. I can’t seem to find the balance between over-watering and under-watering.

thinking… I should nail down a dinner plan soon.

enjoying… the Bar Method. I’ve been going for over a year and I still look forward to class just as much as when I began. And it’s still interesting and still tough.

wishing… the kitchen would magically clean itself when I snap my fingers, like in Mary Poppins. C’est la vie!

What about you?


One Thought on “A Slice of Now

  1. Erica renee on February 8, 2012 at 9:35 AM said:

    Yeah! So glad you did this! I have only watched the first season of Downton Abbey on Netflix, but love it! Can’t wait to see the rest! Take care friend

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