Estate Sale Find #1: Vintage Cuisinart Food Processor

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Vintage. Thrifted. These are buzzwords on fashion and design blogs, and until recently, I wasn’t really feeling it. Vintage dresses, jewelry or furniture—they just didn’t feel like me. Two Saturdays ago, though, Sam and I found ourselves in a neighborhood estate sale, and that’s where I discovered a niche in the vintage scene I connect with: kitchen equipment.

Cuisinart 4

Cuisinart 5

One of the treasures we snatched up was an early model Cuisinart Food Processor.The first thing that grabbed our attention about the Cuisinart was the seven blades that came with it. (Did you catch that? Seven blades!) Nowadays the standard Cuisinart comes with three blades, though you can purchase additional blades for $40 apiece. With blades this costly, you might be wondering how much we paid. A mere $20.

I know what you’re thinking—did it work? Yep, it sure did. Figuring out how to turn the food processor on, though, proved a challenge: there was no on-off button. A quick Google search revealed that the earliest Cuisinarts are turned on by locking the lid into place. I plugged in the Cuisinart and slowly clicked the lid into place, all the while suppressing images of Cuisinart accidents due to user error.  Whirr! The food processor worked. And there had been no accident. Clicking the lid into place might not be the safest on-off method, but the makers would address this in later models.

Cuisinart 3

The Google search also shed some light on this particular model: it is definitely one of the earliest models (if not the first model) and was made in France by Robot-Coupe, a renowned kitchen appliance maker. Cuisinart eventually broke ties with Robot-Coupe and moved production to Asia. The quality of the French-made product is evident: after 30 years of use, it can still whip up a mean batch of roasted tomato salsa.

Cuisinart 6

As the gentleman holding the sale handed us his Cuisinart, he paused and said, “Now, I want to tell you a story about this Cuisinart.” Here’s how it goes: he grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, and his mother used to watch this cooking show on Public Television with this chef named Julia Child. Toward the end of the show, Julia Child started using this new machine called a food processor. They didn’t carry food processors in Cleveland yet (and there was no back then), so the gentleman’s mother special-ordered two—one for herself and one for her son. And this is the Cuisinart that found itself into our hands, a tool well-loved and its purchase inspired by Julia Child. As the gentleman gave us his heirloom, I felt like we were on Antique Roadshow and had just been told our treasure was worth $1 million.  But this wasn’t something we’d be selling; it was something we’d use in our kitchen, remembering its history. Not bad for a first vintage purchase.

Cuisinart 2

27 Thoughts on “Estate Sale Find #1: Vintage Cuisinart Food Processor

  1. OK, I admit, I am jealous. You guys found a real treasure. Impress me with those blades sometime.

  2. Wow, I’ve never seen that model. My machine is just 3 or 4 years older, from 1977 or 78 and has an on button and an off/pulse button. I have all the blades and also one of the supposedly new and improved feed tubes they came out with later, but I like the original one best. You will probably get many good years out of your machine, mine is still running strong, although I cracked the bowl, probably trying to grate parm pieces that weren’t cut small enough. The machine came with a lifetime warranty and a few years ago, even though it’s not the same company, they honored it by sending me a new bowl. However, they made me relinquish the paper with the warranty written on it, lol.

    Congratulations on a great find and buy. I enjoy reading your blog, I subscribe. Nan

    • I wanted to add that I looked at the bottom of my Cuisinart, it was made in Japan. Nan

    • And I meant to say, my machine is a 3-4 year NEWER version, not older. sorry about that.

      • andrealein on July 28, 2011 at 10:28 PM said:

        Thanks so much for sharing about your Cuisinart, Nan! I could barely find any info on it online, so it’s interesting to know that yours has an on/off button and was made in Japan even though it’s just a few years newer (totally knew what you meant when you said “older,” ha ha!). Too bad you had to give up your warranty, but you’re right, that’s really nice that they still honored it and sent you a new bowl. And I’m so glad you enjoy reading my blog and subscribe! Happy Cooking!

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  4. Sharon on March 12, 2012 at 9:45 AM said:

    Just wanted to let you know I also have one of these. Mine has been going strong for 35 years. I came across your post when I was looking for a new basket for mine. It’s so brittle with age I have to wash it by hand, just like a treasured antique (which it is). I don’t supposed you know where I could get a new basket do you? Mine doesn’t even have a model number it’s so old. It just says “made in France”. It was nice to see someone else who values their Cuisinart. It’s like an old friend to me. Thanks for the interesting read.

    • andrea on March 15, 2012 at 3:06 PM said:

      Hi Sharon, That’s so great your Cuisinart has lasted you so long! They certainly are worth the initial investment. Hmm, no I don’t know where to buy a new basket. Have you tried looking on Ebay? I know they sold some old Cuisinarts, so maybe they would have parts too.

    • My cuisinart just died. I have 2 or three baskets and all the blades. If you haven’t found a new one drop me a line.

      • Laurie McInnis on August 21, 2013 at 1:50 PM said:

        Hi. In response to your having old cuisinart parts: the feed tube that powered my 1980 cuisinart robot coupe on and off just broke. If by any chance you still have the parts I would love to see if they would fit my machine :-) Laurie

    • Jan Fink on July 5, 2012 at 4:35 PM said:

      My processor just died after 25 plus years. I have extra bowls and blades. Contact me through this webpage.

      • andrea on July 20, 2012 at 2:21 PM said:

        That’s great! My bowls are still ok, but if they go soon I’ll contact you.

      • Hi Jan,

        I happened upon the site today…I have a food processor, but the bowl just crumbled when I was using it.

        Do you still have the bowl/basket and lid?



      • Laurie McInnis on August 21, 2013 at 1:54 PM said:

        Hi! My feed tube just broke. Not wanting to pay ridiculous amounts of $ for an inferior product, I am desperately seeking parts for my Cuisinart food processor. The only identifiers are Cuisinart Robot Coupe Made in France and 1980 on the bottom. Any help greatly appreciated!

      • Sharron Pero on August 24, 2013 at 5:54 PM said:

        My Cuisinart Food Processor:

        Josef Schreyogg D8942 Ollarzfried
        Type: ALLPRESS RC 1 115V
        60HZ 6.5 Amp
        Made in France by Robot Coupe

        After many, many years of reliable use, my bowl is finally brittle and cracked. Will your bowls fit my machine?

  5. I have a Cuisinart food processor made in France serial # R 633394.
    The bottom says Josef Schreyogg D 8942_ollarzried Type “All Press”
    My mom, after using it for 10 or so years, gave it to me in (I think) late 60′s.
    It still works like a charm and there is hardly a day I don’t use – chopping,
    shredding, etc. Does it have any value as an antique?

    • andrea on October 20, 2012 at 9:19 PM said:

      Wow, that’s great to hear your Cuisinart food processor has worked so well for so many years! You know, I really have no idea if they have any value as an antique, but it sure would be neat if they did!

  6. romeo ethier on November 24, 2012 at 7:22 AM said:

    Great buy.I have a Allpress rc1 made in France that was given to me in the late 70s;I am looking for a replacement bowl which I presume is a 10 cup unit.the bowl has no handle like yours.Any idea where I can find one?

  7. Rosalind Madsen on December 6, 2012 at 5:43 AM said:

    I have a Cuisinart food processor made by Robot Coupe made in France with number R 1015316 on the bottom, also the name Josef Schreyogg and the numer
    D 8942 Type: ALLPRESS RC 1. I can’t remember the date that I bought it but it was either the late 60′s or early 70′s. I am looking for a grating disc and stainless steel double-bladed knife as the shafts of both of them have broken. Up until then I used it extensively and was never disappointed

  8. Jane Berkowitz on January 31, 2013 at 3:19 PM said:

    I am looking for a grating disk for a Cuisanart Model CFP4. After decades of use, my daughter dropped it and the shaft broke off. Does anyone have one to sell?

  9. Beverley J Boaz on February 3, 2013 at 12:10 PM said:

    I rent a room in an old house and have been helping sort out the kitchen for the owner. Found a Cuisinart 7M Model CFP5 Food Processor with blades and no on/off button. Am looking for a manual and possible replacement bowl. Does anyone know of a website that I can contact? Thanks so much! I enjoyed reading all the blogs and will show them to the colonel–I’m sure his wife bought the machine when they lived in Europe! Beverley

  10. Andrea, I found your blog on a Cuisinart food processor. I would like your permission to use a copy of your photo in an article I am doing on Cuisinart appliances on Squidoo. The article is basically selling new Cuisinart appliances but I wanted to add some history to it and was looking for a photo of one of the first Cuisinart food processors. I would also provide a link to your blog page. Please let me know if this is OK with you.

    • Hi Carolyn, Yes, you may use my photo for your article. Thanks so much for asking first! Good luck with your article. –Andrea

  11. Leah on July 5, 2013 at 10:12 AM said:

    THANK YOU for posting this! I just picked one up, a CFP 5, and discovered the same thing – so many blades and attachments, two canisters, $10 – I haggled.
    And a le crouset thrown in too. (a small one :( )
    Back to trying this bad boy out!!!

  12. Heather on August 4, 2013 at 8:07 AM said:

    Hi there, At an estate sale I found a Cuisinart food processor Model CFP 9 stamped 13 Fev. 1979. made in France by Robot-Coupe.
    it is in almost perfect condition. I have used it once and I bet it had been used only once or twice before. so clean and not many scratches. It also has no on off switch. The bowl has no handle. it has a double blade, dough blade, grating disk and a slicing disk. I would love to sell it if anyone reading here would like to buy it.
    Thanks, Heather

  13. Elizabeth Dunlop on August 22, 2013 at 8:37 AM said:

    My mother has an original made in France Cuisinart food processor by Robot-Coupe. The bottom of the machine features the name Josef Schreyogg and the number
    D 8942 Type: ALLPRESS RC 1.

    Unfortunately, the shaft of the chopping blade has broken and I’m searching for a replacement. Would anyone know where I might find one to purchase?

    Many thanks!

  14. Oh, I need the bowl/basket for the CFP 4. Any out there?
    Thank you, thank you!

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