Memorial Day Picnic

picnic basketToday, despite the encroaching fog, Sam and I took advantage of the leisurely day and had our first picnic of the year. We walked to Fort Mason and enjoyed a lovely spread: Black Quinoa and Kale Salad (one my favorite salads!), little fingerling potatoes dipped in Brittany Gray Sea Salt and sourdough bread with fig jam. Can’t wait for sunny days ahead to have another picnic!

Black Quinoa and Kale Saladlittle potatoes

2 Thoughts on “Memorial Day Picnic

  1. I’ve enjoyed your salad and have made my own for tonight. One bump in the road: my grocer does not carry sprouts. But the sampling I’ve had tastes great anyway.

    • andrealein on June 1, 2010 at 9:21 PM said:

      You know, sprouts can be hard to get. I know they stopped carrying them at TJ’s until at least June 6 because they were recalled (I think sprouts are a likely carrier of salmonella). And I was on one occasion unable to get them at Whole Foods b/c they were out for whatever reason. Funny, isn’t it, to not be able to get something in these days when we can get anything, anytime, anywhere? Thankfully sprouts are only a small part of the salad and it still tastes delicious without them. :)
      P.S. One piece of advice the grocer at Whole Foods gave me when I was looking for sprouts was to check the salad bar for sprouts and buy whatever I needed.

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