Dinner Tonight: Sugar Snap Pea & Turkey Rice Bowl

Sugar Snap Pea & Turkey Rice Bowl

I hope the title of this post doesn’t mislead you. It’s not what I’m eating for dinner tonight–I had it a couple weeks ago; it’s what you could be eating for dinner tonight. Imagine: a bed of chewy, short grain brown rice topped with crisp-tender sugar snap peas and ground turkey infused with ginger, sake and soysauce. Don’t forget the hard-boiled egg sliced on the side or the cilantro sprinkled over the top. In about 45 minutes, this satisfying rice bowl could make the journey from your stovetop to tabletop.  Are you game?

My Sugar Snap Pea & Turkey version was heavily adapted from  Molly Watson’ s Rice Bowl. She uses asparagus and ground pork in her version, but I opted for sugar snap peas and turkey since that’s what we had in the fridge. Click here for the recipe.

2 Thoughts on “Dinner Tonight: Sugar Snap Pea & Turkey Rice Bowl

  1. Sham on June 8, 2010 at 12:15 PM said:

    hello sister in law,
    beck and I just saw your site very impressive.
    looking forward to cook some of your recipe

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