What I Ate For Dinner

This harrowing photo discloses what I ate for dinner on Monday night: trout.

When Sam pulled the trout out from the broiler and called me to look at it, I couldn’t help but smile and reach for my phone to take a photo (hence the photo quality). The trout was staring right at us with his milky white eyes, fishy-lips parted, imploring us, “Why?! Why did you splay me open and subject me first to a torrential downpour of ground black pepper and then proceed to broil my delicate white flesh beneath those merciless coils?” But we didn’t feel too sorry for this trout. Or his three trout brothers.

Silly fish faces aside, trout makes a wonderful meal. In this June 2009 post I wrote about how we like to grill trout with a little olive oil and black pepper. Since then we’ve also tried pan-frying trout and broiling it. All our trout cooking techniques must be attributed to the fishmonger at our local Whole Foods. Every time we order trout he stops what he is doing, looks us in the eye and says, “You know a real nice way to prepare trout is to…” We smile and nod, remembering that last time he told us the exact same thing: how great it is to grill trout because you didn’t have to turn it and that it is wonderful stuffed with scallops and wrapped in bacon (“It’s got a cavity, right? So you might as well use it and stuff it with scallops. Wrap it in bacon–like you’re wrapping it with string–and when the bacon flavor goes in the trout it’s real nice…”). I guess it doesn’t hurt to hear one more time how a man who knows his fish likes to eat it.

In closing, I’d like to say this: don’t be offput by trout because when you buy it comes with the head attached, eyeballs in place, those fishy-lips. Give trout a chance and maybe, just maybe, your trout will have something interesting to say to you.

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