A Little Nightcap

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November brings cooler days, darker evenings, anticipation of the holidays and–drat it!–colds and the flu! I have been very fortunate to not have more than a sore throat in the past few days because Sam has had an awful cold and over half of my mom’s 5th graders are sick with the flu! In addition to get getting lots and lots of sleep and taking my favorite Wellness Formula (it’s more effective than Airborne!), I’ve been drinking lots of hot water with lemon and honey to soothe that tickle in my throat. A couple days ago I discovered that a schluck of Brandy in my honey lemon water adds a delicious flavor (and calms that sore throat, of course!). This evening I had my little honey-lemon-Brandy nightcap in a lovely, wistful teapot from my Aunt Linda. There used to be a cup on the bottom, but it broke during a move. Not to worry, though, because I love to use my “A” cup that Dani gave me for Christmas last year. If you’re feeling under the weather, have a little nightcap tonight and stay tuned because tomorrow I will expound the wonders of Wellness Formula.

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