CHOW How: 10 Ways to Spice Up Pumpkin Seeds

10 wyas to spice up pumpkin seeds CHOWI couldn’t very well write a post about and leave the über-hip in the dust. First, a confession: I’ve never actually used any of the recipes on CHOW, but I think their website is really cool. If you ever wanted to know How to Pair Wine and Halloween Candy or how to make Glow-in-the-dark Gin and Tonic Jelly, CHOW is the place to go.

Enough with the goofy links. Here’s the real link love: CHOW’s most recent photo gallery addition,  “10 Ways to Spice Up Pumpkin Seeds.” From wasabi and coriander pumpkin seeds to pumpkin-pie spiced pumpkin seeds, CHOW takes pumpkin seeds to a whole new level. Here’s some good news for you: you don’t have to wait until you carve your pumpkin on October 31 to try all 10 variations nor do you have to  deal with the muck and guck of cleaning pumpkin seeds , you can use raw pumpkin seeds (pepitas) to make your spicy seeds (don’t worry, I won’t tell). When you view the photo gallery, just click on the photo for the recipe.

Which variation are you going try first?

2 Thoughts on “CHOW How: 10 Ways to Spice Up Pumpkin Seeds

  1. Brenda on October 22, 2009 at 7:31 AM said:

    You’ve inspired me once again—I’m ready to buy those pumpkin seeds and start playing. Toasty,salty,crunchy. Can’t wait.

  2. andrealein on October 22, 2009 at 11:26 AM said:

    Sounds good. :) I put in the part about pepitas just for you!

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