2 Reasons I Like Epicurious.com

I like Epicurious.com. And here are two reasons it is my go-to site for all things cooking:

(1) Recipes & Reviews.

While I turn a blind eye toward the clunky and crowded pages, I find the recipes (mostly from Gourmet and Bon Appetit magazines) more credible than other websites like AllRecipes.com. If by chance an Epicurious recipe has gone too far to left field, you can be sure to read about it in the reviews section where recipe-testers recommend their own variations or emendations. My advice: read the recipe, read the reviews, cook accordingly.

(2) Epi-log.

Yesterday I was delighted to see an Epicurious blog called “Granola: The Easiest Thing Since Sliced Toast” by Regina Schambling. This reminded of my own discovery (and blog post) that homemade granola is deceptively easy to make an considerably cheaper than ready-made granola. Read my post here, Ms. Schambling’s here.

But the topper on the cake for Epicurious blog would have to be filling me in on the lastest buzz: Twitter is releasing it’s own wine label. What?!! Yes. Don’t worry quite yet, the Twitter Empire isn’t looking to only expand their own territory but is partnering with the non-profit Room to Read to promote literacy. Twitter will donate $5 from every $20-bottle of wine to support the organization. SF’s Crushpad completes the Triumvirate behind Twitter’s wine push: the diy wine press is where Twitter will be crushing and fermenting its grapes for its first wines, a Chardonnay and a Pinot Noir. How’s that for news?

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