Thank you, pumpkin.

the great pumpkin by miss.baileyPumpkins are everywhere.

There is a pumpkin on my doorstep. There is a pumpkin on my neighbor’s doorstep. There is pumpkin in my latte, pumpkin in my pancakes and pumpkin in the pumpkin butter I put on my pancakes. Pureed pumpkin even sneaked into my vanilla pudding  two days ago (ok, I folded it in with complete knowledge).

With pumpkin everywhere, you’d expect one to tire of pumpkins. But instead I say, “Thank you, pumpkin” because you’ve made me want to put pumpkin in more things: curried pumpkin soup, apple pumpkin bread, pumpkin-seed crusted trout. Your golden, glowing sweet flesh has helped me carve time from work, classes, wedding planning and the general busyness of life to blog again.

Thank you, pumpkin.

3 Thoughts on “Thank you, pumpkin.

  1. Samuel Sharaf on October 15, 2009 at 2:35 PM said:

    I love pumpkins too, that reminds me, i need to get one fat pumpkin and put in front of my door!

  2. Oh Andrea- way to go! Glad to see you back on ;) Love the new look! And yes- yeah for pumpkins!!

  3. andrealein on October 16, 2009 at 8:56 AM said:

    Samuel, a pumpkin in front of the door is always a great idea. :)

    Erica, thanks! To be honest, I can’t give all the credit to pumpkins for getting me to blog again…the “you haven’t updated your blog in forever!” from friends was the other part of the motivation. So, thank you, Erica. ;)

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