Cape Cod: Ice Cream on the Rail Trail


This is the rail trail that leads from Chatham to Dennis Port. I think I have a special place in my heart for rail trails because Sam and I met on the rail trail in our town.


While we were biking on said rail trail, we saw this sign alleging that the ecentric house to its left held summer's sweet treasures: "ice cream, yogurt, H2O."


We wandered closer and discovered that this Christmas light-covered abode did indeed harbor such indispensable indulgences.


Lo and behold, there were many flavors from which to choose.


We chose Coffee Kahlua Brownie. A very good choice.


Ice cream brings a smile to many a tired traveler's face. (Notice painted tires stuck half way in the ground and bordering the yard.)


Not only were there tires sticking out of the ground, there were carousel horses. I still wondering whether they were springing out of the ground or getting sucked under...


We, however, did not have to worry about getting stuck in the enchanted ice cream land. This helpful sign tree not only told us what direction we needed to go but precisely how far the trek was. If you find yourself on the rail trail, I highly recommend stepping off for a moment to check out the wonders of this singular ice cream stand for yourself.

One Thought on “Cape Cod: Ice Cream on the Rail Trail

  1. We stopped here for ice cream on the Rail Trail late August, 2013, but did not find out name of this ice cream place. After some searching, which turned up your photos (thanks!), and then some further looking at aerial views, I believe it is Short ‘N Sweet, 2334 Main St, Chatham, on 28 just east of 137.

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