Cape Cod: Kayaking on the Swan Pond River


Our kayaking adventure began at the Cape Cod Waterways on the Swan Pond River in Dennis Port (and no...those aren't real Canada geese).


Popsicle-bright kayaks ready for a float down the river.


American flags waved proudly all over Cape Cod. I think it is the most patriotic place I have ever been.


The river was more of a long, narrow marsh than raging rapids, which suited me just fine for my first kayaking excursion.


About half way through our kayak trip, the blue sky became enshrouded by eerie fog. Notice the Salt Box-style house and windmill in the photo, both of which are characteristic of Cape Cod architecture.


As we neared the delta leading to the Nantucket Strait, we paddled the kayak to a private beach.


Here I am wielding the kayak paddle, ready to ward off any danger.


Sam doesn't think we're in much danger on the peaceful but somewhat eerie Swan River and flashes a grand smile.


Walking along the beach, we noticed part of the sand was roped off so these little birds could nest in peace and not have to worry about human interference.


View of the Nantucket Strait.


I was glad we had decided to beach our kayak earlier and explore the beach on foot. I wasn't ready to let this fogginess pull me out to sea, never to return.


Once we were satisfied with seeing as much as we could in the fog, we headed back to our kayak.


It wasn't long before we paddled beneath bluer skies.


And when we docked at Cape Cod Waterways, we got to enjoy these Canada geese, all of which were real.

One Thought on “Cape Cod: Kayaking on the Swan Pond River

  1. Great story andrealine ;) I was totally enthralled! ha Love you!

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