Cape Cod: Kream ‘n Kone


Lobster Bisque

A few days after Sam and I had tried the “Best Seafood on the Cape” at Arnold’s, we stumbled across Arnold’s competitor, Kream ‘n Kone. We had just completed an 11-mile bike ride from Chatham to Dennis Port and needed sustenance before our kayak excursion on the peaceful Swan Pond River. We were in luck because right across the street from the kayak rental place was Kream ‘n Kone.


Crab Roll


Clam Chowder

I ordered lobster bisque and a crab roll. I was disappointed in the lobster bisque because it was very salty and rich. In the future, I think I’d rather have my lobster whole rather than pureed in a soup. Unfortunately my crab roll didn’t taste much like crab because there was so much mayonnaise. I also prefer larger chunks of crab than on my Kream ‘n Kone sandwich (I guess the enormous chunks of meat on Arnold’s sandwiches had me spoiled!).Though I was disappointed with the crab aspect of the sandwich, I did notice how nicely toasted the roll was and how fresh and green the lettuce was.


Lobster Roll

Sam did a much better job ordering than I did: his good ole’ clam chowder and lobster roll were very good. The chowder had a distinct clam flavor and an ideal thickness–not too thin and not too thick. The lobster roll was much better than my crab sandwich because the lobster had a meaty texture and penetrating lobster flavor.

So, which is better: Arnold’s or Kreme ‘n Kone? I would say Arnold’s wins because overall there were more dishes we enjoyed at Arnold’s and because their lobster rolls had such massive chunks of meat and so little mayonnaise.

Next: photos from the kayak trip down the Swan Pond River.

One Thought on “Cape Cod: Kream ‘n Kone

  1. Clammy Davis Junior on August 26, 2009 at 9:07 PM said:

    really – crab… on the cape… what were you thinking.. Fried Clams… Lobster Roll… Chowder… end of story ;)

    But thanks for the reporting

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