Design*Sponge: Not Your Average Mess

eunice_design sponge may 22 09

photo from Design*Sponge

Who doesn’t love Fridays? They are the wrapping up of the work week and the gateway to the weekend, those two blissful days free from work.

There are, however, reasons unrelated to the work week as to why I love Fridays.

Let me explain: These days, instead of wasting time on Facebook to fill my already-full free time, I’ve taken to the much more constructive pursuit of reading blogs. Food blogs, design blogs, personal blogs — they are all quite interesting reads.

Inevitably every Friday afternoon I find myself on the blog Design*Sponge and suddenly remember that every Friday they post a blog called “In the Kitchen With.” These posts feature a recipe and fabulous photos from some sort of designer. Three great things are rolled into one blog post: a new recipe, inspiring photos and a peek into the life of a designer.

Last Friday Design Sponge featured “In the Kitchen with Eunice Moyle” of Hello!Lucky. Eunice shared a recipe called Eton Mess, which is very similar to the pavlova I made a couple weeks ago. You’ll have to read the actual post to learn why the recipe is called Eton Mess, but having eaten this while I was in England, I can attest that it is a good kind of mess — a mess even your mother will like.

One Thought on “Design*Sponge: Not Your Average Mess

  1. oysterculture on May 30, 2009 at 7:00 AM said:

    I love Design*Sponge and enjoy finding their email in my in-box! They have loads of inspiring pictures and ideas.

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