A Springtime Pavlova from Tartelette

DSC06340Last month I was reading the beautiful food blog,  Tartelette, and was captivated by the pavlova guest blogger Sass & Veracity had contributed to the blog that day. That afternoon my mom came home from the market with fresh berries, kiwi and a charge to make a dessert for the evening, the first of our Easter-weekend feasts. No problem — the pavlova would be the perfect dessert.

I’ve made pavlovas before but was intrigued by this recipe because it called for vinegar, which I had never seen in a meringue recipe. I’m not sure what the vinegar does, but the meringue whipped up and baked very well. We also did not have any superfine sugar on hand, so I blended regular granulated sugar until it was superfine and used that instead. All in all, the recipe was quite simple and tasted very good.

From the crisp, white meringue to the tangy lemon cream filling to the berries and fruit bejeweling the top of this treasure, the pavlova was a delicious kick-off to our Easter weekend.

Visit Tartelette for the recipe.

7 Thoughts on “A Springtime Pavlova from Tartelette

  1. What a beautiful Pavlova! Just seeing it makes me want it all over again. If I remember correctly, the vinegar is a stabilizer. I thought it was very unusual when I saw it as well, but it worked. Congrats again on a beautiful effort ; )

  2. andrealein on May 8, 2009 at 4:56 PM said:

    Thank you, Kellypea! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog since I discovered it on Tartelette. :) It makes sense that the vinegar is a stabilizer because I was surprised how easy the meringue was to work with and how well the texture turned out. Happy blogging and keep the inspiring posts coming!

  3. Samuel Sharaf on May 8, 2009 at 5:37 PM said:

    Made for a perfect dessert on a spring day…i enjoyed eating it :)

  4. oysterculture on May 9, 2009 at 3:16 PM said:

    I grew up on Pavola and loved it, my mom thought it sounded so exotic and it was so good to make. I remember how I loved to suck on it as it dissolved in my moth and all the lovely tasty fruit.

  5. Mmm this looks so delicious! All that fresh fruit… yum. And the meringue looks amazing. You make such incredible things!

  6. lailablogs on May 11, 2009 at 9:38 AM said:

    looks absolutely delicious .. Laila .. http://lailablogs.com/

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