The Wine Bible

the-wine-bibleI was recently given a copy of The Wine Bible, which is written by Karen MacNeil. I was told that this was an easy-to-understand and comprehensive guide to wine, and reading the accolades on the front, back and inside covers (yes, there are that many!) of the book bore this out.

Bon Appetit wine and spirits editor Anthony Dias Blue writes: “A dazzling, comprehensive, modern guide to wine, free of elitism and pedantry.”

Robert Mondavi writes: “The most complete wine book ever. A must for anyone who loves wine, whether they are a pro or an amateur. Thorough, authoritative, and entertaining.” And Mondavi isn’t the only one who calls the book entertaining, Danny Meyer, co-author of The Union Square Cafe Cookbook, also calls the book entertaining.

The book is hefty, measuring 1 ¾-inches thick and weighing 2 lbs. 12 oz., but not so big that I would feel uncomfortable toting it along to read on BART. The pictures are all black-and-white but they are plentiful. Boxes of text-extras are set amongst the regular text, making it simple to learn something with a 2-minute glance through the book. After all, who has time to sit down for an hour at a time to uncode some esoteric wine book? Karen MacNeil’s The Wine Bible is perfect for our busy, go-go-go lifestyles where we want information quickly and in small doses.

The first part of the book is devoted to explaining how wine is made and how it should be tasted, while the subsequent chapters examine specific wine regions and the varietals therein. At over 900 pages, I’d say the book ought to be pretty comprehensive!

As I make my way through these 900 hundred pages of wine wisdom, I’ll be sure to share with you on my blog what I learn.

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