GuS: Grown-up Soda


While the kids guzzle down their Capri Suns and Kool-Aid,  we adults can reach for cans of Coca Cola or Orange Slice. You know the feeling: you don’t really want a cloying-sweet soda, but sometimes that homemade hamburger needs something a little more substantial than water as an accompaniment.

A couple weeks ago I was scoping out the beverage case at Whole Foods when a Dry Meyer Lemon soda caught my eye. Meyer Lemon soda? I thought. Dry Meyer Lemon soda? Doesn’t “dry” refer to wine? The Meyer lemon concept intrigued me because  I had become enamored with the wonderful floral fragrance and taste of Meyer Lemons since making a Meyer Lemon Souffle in January. And “dry,” well, I thought I had just figured that term out when it came to wine. This was definitely the drink for my lunch.

What I discovered was a soda made with the adult palate in mind.

GuS or Grown-up Soda markets itself as “100% Natural” and “Not Too Sweet,” two things I’m a big fan of. The Dry Meyer Lemon soda was still sweet, but not as syrupy-sweet as many lemonades (drinking a Pellegrino Limonata three days later confirmed this). The carbonation was refreshing and overall I was pleased and eager to try other flavors.

What’s the damage? The sodas do have added sugar, 22g – 24g per 12 oz. bottle. The calories aren’t too high for a fruit drink or soda at 90-98 calories per bottle. Sure, you won’t have the zero calories of Pepsi One or other diet beverages, but you won’t be putting potentially harmful chemicals in your body either.

If you want to turn your Grown-up Soda into a cocktail, check out their website for cocktail recipes.

Give GuS a try and let me know what you think.

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