“Mean and Green”

In the spirit of discussing the Locavore movement, I’ve included a tantalizing morsel from James O’Brien’s article, “Mean and Green,” which appeared in the November 2008 Diablo magazine. O’Brien offers witty observations of the Bay Area’s obsession with eating green. Don’t stop after this paragraph, though; click the link and read the entire article.    


processed-shame2Mean and Green

One man’s quest for an eco-friendly diet. And you thought low-fat was a drag!

By James O’Brien


“For years I’ve felt guilty and depressed with every piece of food I put in my mouth either because it was going to make me fatter or less healthy, or else because it wasn’t. Think rice cakes. Now comes the green movement, and the greening of everything from birth (you do it at home) to burial (no coffins, just dirt). The latest mandate is to make sure that your diet is green. More and more, especially in the East Bay and around Northern California, if you’re not eating green, and telling everyone about it, then you are a recalcitrant laggard abuser of the planet Earth.” Read more…


Illustration by Nick Dewar

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