The day before our half-marathon (blog post to come!), Sam and I went to San Francisco to pick up our race packets. And of course, one doesn’t travel into SF without taking advantage of SF’s many restaurants, so we opted for lunch at Taylor’s in the Ferry Building Plaza. It was pouring rain, but the crowd inside Taylor’s was energetic and happy – probably because they were enjoying good food.


Ahi Burger

I ordered the Ahi Burger: “Fresh Ahi tuna seared RARE with ginger wasabi mayo & asian slaw on a toasted egg bun.” Whether the tuna was really “RARE” is questionable, but the ginger wasabi mayo and Asian slaw had great flavor–a little bit of bite, interesting, bold. The egg roll was fluffy and a lovely golden color, but did not stand up to the wetness of the tuna and the slaw; the roll became soggy. This also happened with the Ahi Burger I had at Danville’s Sideboard Cafe. Perhaps it is the fatal flaw of Ahi Burgers, but I think there must be some balance between a roll hearty enough not to get soggy and yet delicate enough to complement the fine flavors of the tuna and accompaniments.


Fish Tacos

Sam ordered fish tacos: “Grilled Halibut in spicy taco marinade, served in corn tortillas with Mexican slaw, salsa & jalapeño-cilantro sour cream.” The fish tasted fresh and was grilled rather than deep-fried, but the marinade helped one forget they were missing any deep-fried goodness. The salsa and jalapeño-cilantro sour cream added welcome heat and punch to the tacos. Though quite good, they didn’t measure up to Sam’s favorite fish tacos in Oakland and my favorite fish tacos in L.A.


A view of Coit Tower from our window seats at Taylor's.

The food at Taylor’s was good, but could have been better. The quality of the ingredients was great (they are in the Ferry Building Plaza afterall!), but the execution of the menu items needed improvement. The atmosphere in Taylor’s, though, was fun and lively–the tables are in high demand and we were lucky to find seats. The location doesn’t get much better: inside the Ferry Building Plaza, right on the Bay, with views of Coit Tower and the hills of San Francisco. Taylor’s is great for a casual, yet modern diner experience. Even if the food is lacking, the lively ambience of the restaurant is enough to cheer one up on a rainy day.

One Thought on “Taylor’s

  1. lauranne on November 10, 2008 at 12:07 PM said:

    Glad to hear that Senor Baja’s hasn’t been replaced in your esteem.

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