Germany Part 3: Weingut Stutzmann

The drive from Meckenheim to Einselthum was beautiful--little villages with red roofs, sparkling rivers and ruined forts.

Driving through Einselthum to Weingut Stutzmann. The German villages reminded me of the villages in England.

Weingut Stutzmann. On the other side of the house there is a courtyard, barn, cellar and of course, the vineyards.

View from the back.

Flowers in windowbox.

Notice the reflection of the church steeple in the tractor window? Every German village had a steeple reaching higher than any of the other buildings.

Grapes. Or Trauben, as they say in Deutschland.

More grapes.


Crate of Stutzmann wine. The Stutzmann winery has been in operation for 130 years.



Walnuts from the walnut tree in the backyard.

Discussing the corks.


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