Germany Part 2: Meckenheim in Photos

Our hostess, the wonderful Kuchen baker.

Relaxing in the afternoon sunshine.

Our hosts' granddaughter, Leonie.

What remained of the popular Apfelkuchen.

After our Kuchen, we went on a bike ride through Meckenheim.

Here I am with our host and Leonie. The apartment on the left is where my family and I used to live.

See the small square window in the center of the photo? That was my room, which was actually a second kitchen. Our family actually had two adjoining apartments because the typical four-person apartment was too small for our family of six.

Same apartment from a different angle. I remember standing on the balcony and looking out on the street. The trees and plants certainly have grown a lot in the last 18 years.

Caroline is standing with the bicycles. Every bicycle has to be registered in Germany, and children have to pass a bike test and driving course in 4th grade to receive a special bicycle license.

Caroline sneaks one last look at our old backyard.

Many of the streets in Meckenheim were named after composers. This is Mozartstrasse, and we lived on Beethovenstrasse.

This is Caroline's elementary school, which she rode her bike to every day. Notice the European Union flag painted on the school building.

Leonie loved going down the slide at the park and didn't want to go home!

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