Destination Deutschland

Frankfurt to Bonn to Heidelberg.

Next week at this time I’ll be in Germany.

On Friday I am flying to Frankfurt where I’ll meet Caroline, who will be flying in from Atlanta. From Frankfurt we’ll go to Bonn-Meckenheim to stay with German friends whom we have not seen since I was four. I am really excited to visit the place I spent the first four years of my life (minus the first three months in California), especially with Caroline because she remembers much more of our life in Germany than I do.

After spending the weekend in Bonn, we are taking the train to Heidelberg, where we’ll meet the Winzerkeller Wiesloch representatives and go to the winery. It’s mid-September and the harvest is beginning, so we’ll get to watch the beginning stages of the winemaking process.

I had a fun time looking at the Winzerkeller Wiesloch website, trying to put my rusty two years of high school German to use. In July the winery had a wine festival and crowned three Weinhoheiten or wine royalties. There was one Weinkönigin (wine queen) and two Weinprinzessin (wine princesses). The girls had paragraph-long biographies and I couldn’t help but laugh when I read the last few sentences of each, “In Ihrer Freizet…” or “In her free time…” The exact same wording as in my German class textbooks, and I thought it was a silly script all those years.

Besides wondering what else I should take more seriously from German class, I’ve been thinking of:

–The Diet of Worms (the name kind of sticks with you)

–The Bishop of Bingen in his mouse-tower on the Rhine (Longfellow’s “The Children’s                                 Hour”)

–The Heidelberg Catechism (Thank you, Torrey)

And of course I’ve been thinking about making the list of food I want to try in Germany-but only thinking about making it. After all, who knows when I’ll be in Germany again? This list has to satisfy me for an indeterminate period of time.

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